How To Use Google Bard: 8 Ways To Use Google Bard AI

If you didn’t know it already, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. Many technology companies are offering AI tools to help companies work more efficiently. Google is no exception –– they’ve harnessed the power of AI through their tool Google Bard.On this page, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Google Bard, including:Keep reading to learn more!And remember to subscribe to our email newsletter to get the latest tips and tricks on all things digital marketing!

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How to use Google BardWant to give Google Bard AI a try? Here’s how you can try out this AI tool:
Go to
Log in or sign up with your Google account
Type your query into the message box on the homepage
Wait for Bard to deliver a response
Complete actions such as liking/disliking the response, asking Bard to modify the response, share it, and more!
Google Bard AI also enables you to export the responses you get from the tool, so you can save them for later.Guide to using Google Bard: 8 ways to use Google Bard AIIf you’re interested in Google Bard, check out this list of ways you can use this tool for different tasks:
Ask questions about topics
Generate creative content
Get a summary of a page
Generate ad copy
Find keywords
Generate content ideas
Create email subject lines
Generating coding for your website
Let’s dive in and learn how to use Google Bard effectively.1. Ask questions about topicsLike other generative AI tools, you can use Google Bard to ask questions about specific topics. It’s a great resource if you want to learn about a topic and save time on checking every listing in the search results.When you ask Google Bard AI questions, it will answer with in-depth responses that provide you with all the information you need. You can also ask follow-up questions if it delivers a response with information you want to know more about.Google Bard AI also offers a “related topics” section to expand your search process and get more information.You can use Google Bard AI to help you gather background information for a piece of content or to help you better understand a trend on social media. It’s a great tool to help you get all the information you need in one place.2. Generate creative contentTo continue our guide to using Google Bard, let’s talk about generating creative content. Google Bard can generate numerous types of creative pieces, including:
Movie plotlines
Video scripts
So, Google Bard can be an excellent resource for creating creative pieces.Keep in mind, though, that not everyone is thrilled about businesses using AI to generate content. Recently, Sports Illustrated received a lot of backlash for creating AI-generated articles and writer profiles on their website.So, to keep your business from being in the hot seat, you have two options:
Disclose when you use AI to create content: If you use AI to generate your content, you can avoid controversy by disclosing when you use it. Telling your audience upfront ensures you stay honest with them.
Only use AI supplementally for content creation: The recommended path to take with using a tool like Google Bard AI is to use it to help create your content, rather than as the sole producer of content. Use it to generate ideas, create outlines, and comb through research faster.
3. Get a summary of a pageHave you ever come across an article that you didn’t understand fully? Sometimes information is too complicated, or the writer doesn’t write directly enough, making it difficult to decipher the meaning.Using Google Bard AI can help you gather meaning from complicated articles and pages:It will provide you with a summation of the page so you can gain quick meaning and understanding from pages. It’s a helpful feature to use, too, if you don’t have the time to read an entire page.If you write content for your company’s website, for example, you can save time reading articles by asking Google Bard to summarize them.4. Generate ad copyNext in this guide to using Google Bard, let’s talk about using the tool to generate ad copy.When you run ads on Google, you must create compelling ad copy that gets people to click on your ads and engage with your business. Google Bard AI can help you generate components of your ad copy.Ask Google Bard to generate whatever component you want for your ad. In this example, we asked Google Bard AI to create a tagline for an ad about a reusable water bottle:If you’re feeling stuck on ideas for ad copy, Google Bard AI can help generate some ideas for you.5. Find keywordsWhen you learn how to use Google Bard, you’ll find it’s an excellent tool for identifying keywords. If you invest in search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you know keywords are crucial to helping your business appear in front of relevant searchers.Google Bard AI can help you find relevant keywords for your search listings. You can ask Google Bard to generate a list of keywords based on the topic of your ad or search listing.Google will generate general keywords to target, long-tail keywords, and negative keywords for your listings. It’s a great way to get ideas of what to target.6. Generate content ideasAs we mentioned earlier, you can use Google Bard AI to generate content for you, but it’s a tricky task given how people feel about AI-generated content. So, as an alternative, we suggest using Google Bard as a supplemental part of your content creation process –– which includes generating content ideas.Google Bard is a great place to get ideas for creating content, especially if you’re stuck on what topics you should share with your audience. You can ask Google Bard to generate topics and use follow-up questions to help generate a list of ideas.You can also use Google Bard to generate ideas for content clusters. Content clusters are groups of pages that surround a specific topic and enable you to become a go-to source of information. Google Bard AI can help you find new content clusters for your website.It’s a great tool if you need help generating ideas for content on your website.7. Create email subject linesDid you know that 47% of email subscribers open your email based on the subject line? However, creating an eye-catching and engaging subject line can be challenging, especially if you feel creatively stuck.So, next up in this guide to using Google Bard is generating email subject lines.Google Bard AI is an excellent option if you need to spark some creativity with your email campaigns. When you ask Google Bard to generate subject lines, it’ll give you ideas for different styles of email subject lines, from creating urgency to being playful:It’s an excellent way to get different ideas that can spark inspiration for your email subject lines.8. Generate coding for your websiteIf you want to know how to use Google Bard effectively, try using it to generate coding for your website. If you have limited coding knowledge, it feels challenging to generate coding for elements on your website.Google Bard can make that task easy for you.You can ask it to generate coding for different elements on your website. All you do is copy the code, fill in the appropriate information, and you’re done!It’s a great tool if you aren’t sure how to code specific elements for your website.FAQ about Google Bard AIHave more questions about Google Bard AI? Check out this FAQ to get answers to your burning questions!What is Google Bard?Google Bard is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to deliver “human-like” responses to user questions. Google Bard can complete tasks like summarizing text, explaining complicated topics, and telling you about the weather in your area.Is Google Bard accurate?As of this writing, Google Bard AI is still in the experimental testing phase, so it may deliver responses that aren’t 100% accurate. Google does share the disclaimer when using the tool that Bard is still a work in progress and may not share accurate information.When you use Google Bard, you can select the Google button at the bottom of the response and have Google double-check the response.It will then highlight different passages of the response it gave and let you know if the content is like what’s in the search results or if it’s a little different.This feature can help you better understand how accurate information from Bard is.How does Google Bard compare to other generative AI tools?Tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing AI are widely discussed in conjunction with Google Bard, so how does Google Bard stack up to the competition?Here’s where Google Bard stands out:
It allows you to fact-check responses: Google Bard AI enables you to fact-check responses right in the tool. It helps you understand what’s accurate with the information you receive.
It offers more variety with responses: One advantage of Google Bard AI is that it offers more variety with responses. When you ask it for email subject lines, for example, it creates different categories for types of subject lines to give you more options and to find one that fits your style best.
It’s free to access all features: While ChatGPT does allow free access, some of its advanced features are behind a paywall. Google Bard AI allows you to access all the features of its AI tool for free.
You have more control over responses: Google Bard gives you control over the responses you receive. You can rate the responses it provides to help the algorithm better understand acceptable responses. Additionally, you can modify responses to get what you need, like a simpler explanation, a longer response, or a more professional delivery.
Looking for something more than Google Bard AI?Now that you know how to use Google Bard, you can add it as a supplemental tool to your marketing efforts to help simplify the process. But if tools like Google Bard AI aren’t enough to take work off your plate, consider partnering with a marketing agency like WebFX.We have a team of over 500 digital marketing experts that can do everything from optimizing your presence in search engines to running ads to creating content that engages and delights.Our team knows what it takes to spark business growth. We’ve already driven over $3 billion in revenue and over 7.8 million leads for our clients. You can feel confident our team will help your business achieve its desired results.If you’re ready to start ramping up your revenue, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist!

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